Welcome to DE-CIX Apollon!


DE-CIX Apollon platform introduced at DE-CIX New York

DE-CIX has introduced the Apollon technology platform into its New York City Internet exchange as the foundation for the regional infrastructure.    


DE-CIX Apollon core capacity extended to 5.6 terabits

Having completed the customer migration to DE-CIX Apollon in December, 2013, the engineering team is still busy enhancing the capacity in the core. In the face of on-going customer and traffic growth, the connection of one of the edge switches to the core has been upgraded to a massive 1.6 terabits (16 x 100 G).


Work at DE-CIX Apollon is completed

As of December 11,2013, our work at DE-CIX Apollon is completed. One year ago, DE-CIX Apollon was just some papers and documents on our tables, a lot of ideas – and DE-CIX Apollon didn’t even have a name back than. Today, everything is done.    


DE-CIX triumphs at Capacity Awards with DE-CIX Apollon

DE-CIX, provider of premium Internet exchange (IX) services and operator of several carrier-neutral and independent Internet exchanges, has won the Capacity Award 2013 for Best Global Product/Service.

With this award, Capacity celebrates innovation, vision and excellence in global wholesale telecoms. DE-CIX received this award for the work that it accomplished this year on its new DE-CIX Apollon platform. DE-CIX Apollon offers a cutting-edge interconnection platform for almost 600 global carriers, ISPs and content providers.


Migration of customers to DE-CIX Apollon started successfully

On October 2, 8 and 16, 2013, the first DE-CIX customers were successfully migrated to DE-CIX Apollon!

On October 2, 76 ports were migrated as planned. We started at 1am and everything was done by about 4:21 in the morning. The successful migration was the result of a very fruitful cooperation between the DE-CIX network engineering and the DE-CIX support team, backed up by Alcatel-Lucent and Interxion.


First 100GE customer connected to DE-CIX Apollon

The DE-CIX engineering team connected the first customer to 100 GE ports on the DE-CIX Apollon platform! Hetzner Online AG, as24940, is now connected with two 100GE ports to DE-CIX Apollon. Hetzner Online is one of Germany’s leading web hosting providers and data center operators.  


DE-CIX Apollon migration process: Connecting two worlds

On July 24, the DE-CIX Apollon’s fourth and last core node went live, and we reported on the great work the engineering team performed that night. Now follows the customer migration process, and we want to give you some insight into the work that lies behind it.  


DE-CIX Apollon edge switches are connected to the cores

Today, the DE-CIX Engineering team has taken four DE-CIX Apollon edge switches live!

The DE-CIX Apollon core nodes were taken live on May 22nd, June 19th, July 10th and July 24th but they initially remained connected to the old edge switches. Now, we have taken the first four new edge switches live.    


The end of an era at DE-CIX: Copper cable disappears

Do you remember the old days? When DE-CIX was really small and we had only a few customers? In those days, we did not have any 10GE ports, not to speak of 100GE. Customers ordered 100 Mbit ports, and due to low costs and an easy installation, they were connected with copper cables. Copper has been used in electrical wiring since the 1820s, and copper cables were the norm when it came to building a network.


DE-CIX Apollon customer migration process

Effective Wednesday morning, July 24th, all new core nodes of DE-CIX Apollon have been deployed and have replaced the old core network. This migration allows customers to fully benefit from additional Layer 2 capabilities, which enable multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet connectivity provisioning.

In addition, we are already in the process of rolling out the new Apollon edge nodes (Alcatel-Lucent's 7950 XRS), and we have informed our customers about the upcoming migration of customer access circuits to these new Apollon edge nodes.